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Pavlina Osta is a media personality, host, producer, author, and serial entrepreneur on a mission to create a better you for a better us. With her newest book (20 Things Every Motivated 20-Something Should Know), her newly-rebranded podcast (Beyond the Noise), and her latest startup (Career Path Media, LLC), she is changing the way Millennials and Gen Zs view success, take care of themselves, and unlock their potential.

Media Personality

With over 13 years of experience as a host and personality for radio, television, and events, Pavlina is well-known in the media industry and holds multiple accolades for her work.


Beyond the Noise, formerly If God Had a Podcast, shares self-improvement and wellness tips for ambitious young people looking to uplevel their lives and tap into their greatness.


20 Things Every Motivated 20-Something Should Know creates the blueprint for 20-somethings to succeed in their lives and careers.

Career Path Media

Career Path Media is a professional consulting group geared to help students, graduates, adults, and retirees reentering the workforce improve higher education choices and career development opportunities.

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