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Pavlina Osta is a multi award-winning media personality and has strong roots in pop culture, lifestyle, current events, and news & politics.  At the age of 11, she created and hosted her first radio show, which won her five Gracie Awards, a Communicator Award and a TELLY Award. Soon after, Osta found herself working with numerous worldwide media platforms as both a guest and a co-host.

As she continued her media journalism career, Osta interviewed over 800 notable celebrities and newsmakers: she’s chilled with Ziggy Marley, chatted in studio with Ed Sheeran, celebrated a Christmas lighting with Neil Diamond, and experienced backstage Girl Scout moments with Katie Couric. She’s received advice from Shaquille O’Neal, Suze Orman, and Steve Forbes, and picked strawberries with Tanya Tucker. She’s shared tech moments with Steve Wozniak, political sidebits with Senator Marco Rubio, and chats with Kevin Jonas. In 2014, her interview skills reached new heights as she earned a Guinness World Record for the Most Radio Interviews Conducted in 24 Hours – 347 interviews!

Fast forward to 2020, Osta spent COVID quarantine in New York City virtually interviewing experts and doctors for her podcast while writing her best-selling book, 20 Things Every Motivated 20-Something Should Know.

Now, in 2021, this groundbreaking media personality continues to make waves in the industry. Atop her best-selling book, her newest ventures include her newly-rebranded podcast (Beyond The Noise) and her latest startup (Career Path Media, LLC). Through these outlets, Pavlina is actively changing the way Millennials and Gen Zs view success, take care of themselves, and unlock their potential for greatness 

Public Speaker

Pavlina has a wealth of experience as a live event keynote speaker and host. While she might be in her 20s, Pavlina has been working rooms filled with millennials, media, decision makers and celebrities for nearly a decade, and has the tools to help deliver and manage a professional speaking engagement event each and every time she steps up to the microphone.

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Beyond the Noise

We are constantly bombarded with messages and information, and honestly, it’s exhausting. The Beyond The Noise Podcast is here to sift through the noise and simplify your path to mindfulness, personal development, and success.

Here, we believe in a better you for a better us. Beyond The Noise is your guide to self-development, mindset, wellness, and personal success, helping you become a better you. Listen in for meditations, actionable tips, motivational stories, and inspirational conversations hosted by award-winning Gen Z and media personality, Pavlina Osta.

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